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Make it more intuitive and 'logical'

When I am working on making my start menu "better", I select an item that, in my opinion, is not in the right place. Let's say I move Winamp from the root of my start menu and to the folder I have labeled "Music" (as I only use Winamp to play music files).

I right click on the Winamp-folder, pull it to the music folder and select "move". The winamp folder is moved to the music folder, but so is my view. WHY would I want to look at my music folder when I am currently working on the root of my start menu? I would like to continue working on the root, but now I have to "work" to figure out where I came from.

What I am trying to say is, when moving a folder, after the move is made, take me back to where I started out. (When I move a folder, I want it to stay "moved", and I really have no desire to SEE that the folder is moved where I wanted it. I more or less take it for granted the folder is where I put it, so...)

spredo , 24.01.2011, 08:09
Idea status: under consideration


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